Israel is the only beacon of freedom and western values in the Middle East.

Don’t be so easily fooled by circus news like RT or AlJazeera playing a civilian card (it’s an insult to IQ). Civilians die in every war and Israel does what it can to minimize civilian casualties as much as possible.

If Hamas was able to penetrate Israeli defense system, civilian/military casualty ratio on Israeli side would be 100% to 0%.

Something that most hippies protesting against Israel don’t know is the fact that Gaza government killed more Palestinians than Israel ever did. Just look at Hamas coup of 2007 and everything that followed it. Not to mention Palestinian president asking Israel’s help against Hamas before the coup.

Anyway, this is a collection of well known photos of both Israel and Palestine. They represent the majority. I’m sure you can find an Israeli kid holding a gun if you search hard enough, but I don’t care about special cases. I care about that which predominates in the particular society and culture.